Global HR Forum 2017


Global Talent, Global Prosperity!


Future in Your Hands


October 31(Tue) - November 2(Thu),2017


Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas, Seoul, Korea

 Event of institution

· Hosts :

· Program Partners : World Bank, OECD, UNESCO, Korea Student Aid Foundation (KSAF),
Korea Council for University Education,
Korea Invention Promotion Association(KIPA), Korea CEO's Association of Multinational Corporations (KCMC), D.Camp,
Aon Hewitt Consulting Korea

· Media Partners : Open University Network(OUN)

 Participants Profile

· Ministers of related fields and high ranking officials from international organizations and human resources divisions
· CEOs of global businesses and HR Executives
· Presidents of the world’s top universities and other experts from academia
· Heads of industries, research institutions, and economic development agencies
· Other human resources-related agency representatives and many others

 Official Language  

English & Korean (simultaneous interpretation provided)


· To search for solutions to global challenges that we confront today through global cooperation in human resource development
· To share the know-how and best practices in creative talent development across private and public sectors
· To mutually discuss the core values of human resource development for future generations in terms of global perspective


As globalization has rapidly changed our lives, the boundaries between countries have disappeared and the flow of human resources from one country to another has become commonplace. Accordingly, international organizations, governments, corporations, and individuals are required to be globally competitive.
The reason that global competitiveness of human resources is a key issue now to everyone rather than to selected groups of elites in specialized fields is because they must compete against each other globally.
Because human resources are fundamental to the prosperity of individuals, businesses, and nations around the world, now is the time for leaders from businesses, governments, and educational institutions must join efforts to improve the education, training, and utilization of human resources.
In response, the Korean Ministry of Education, the Korea Economic Daily, and the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training recognized the needs for international cooperation and collaboration, and initiated the Global HR Forum in collaboration with the private sector in 2006.


The Ministry of Education was reorganized in March 2013, and since then it has been the Government’s leading advisor of education system by shaping direction for education agencies and providers and by contributing to the government’s goals for education. It is committed to providing an environment where diversity is embraced and potential can be fulfilled, an environment in which all students are given the same opportunity to pursue and realize their dreams, regardless of their background and location. The Ministry of Education is dedicated to improving our nation's education system to inspire the joy of learning in students and the joy of teaching in teachers, and they are working with all stakeholders to achieve the goal of providing education for happiness that nurtures dreams and talents.

The Korea Economic Daily(KED) was first established in 1964 as Daily Economic Newspaper, and was renamed as The Korea Economic Daily in 1980. As its 50-year history manifests, KED has grown together with Korean economy, providing leading source for domestic and global businesses. It is highly evaluated given that its news contents satisfy readers of various age spectrum and has been a pioneer in many aspects of economic education and journalism. In addition to domestic sources, KED also gathers the most accurate information from its world-class alliances including the Wall Street Journal and China Economic Daily. Its correspondents in the U.S., China and Japan also provide the most up-to-date news with utmost efficiency. With great devotion and commitment, KED provides a rich channel of knowledge and information and helps its readers to have more balanced perspectives on current socioeconomic issues.

Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (KRIVET) is a national policy research institute, established in 1997 with the mandate of supporting national HRD policy and the Korean public’s lifelong skills development. It is affiliated with the National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences under the Prime Minister's Office. Since its foundation, KRIVET has been leading the policy research in national HRD and vocational education and training, while carrying out a wide range of research and projects in qualification systems, and development of education training programs. Also, as a UNESCO Regional Centre of Excellence in TVET, KRIVET not only disseminates the best practices in HRD and vocational education and training to UNESCO member countries within the Asia Pacific region but also strives to identify new areas of cooperation and assistance.